Why Bedrock

Our proposition


Simplify your life

We act as the single point of contact for all of your banking, investment and administrative needs.


Economies of scale

We achieve competitive low fees associated with institutional level banking costs and share classes.


Tailor made investments

We offer innovative investment solutions that are tailored to your unique circumstances. We deliver customised portfolios and niche strategies to suit each client.


Personal Commitment

We provide direct access to our founding partners in addition to our team of professionals, who are personally committed to you and your needs.


Absolute return performance, driven by a team of talented and dedicated professionals.

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We deliver absolute returns

We are dedicated to delivering absolute returns and are experts at doing so.

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We provide unbiased advice

We ensure our clients receive independent and unbiased advice and have a unique approach to asset management and investment.

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We are a partner to our clients

We ensure that our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients.

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Team excellence

We have identified investment professionals that are talented, skilled and who share our values and principles.


We act as the single point of contact for all of your banking, investment and administrative needs.


Wealth Structuring

Independent banking expertise:

  • A private label service where we can create funds under your specific brand name, including structuring, management and administration.
  • Global custodian arrangements.
  • Estate planning tailored to the needs of our clients.

Unbiased advice

Custody, transactions and settlement:

  • Access to prime custodian banks in all jurisdictions.
  • Preferential fees for banking services and transactions.
  • Consolidated client reporting.

Partner to our clients

Corporate finance:

  • Prime access to most stable balance sheets in the industry.
  • Bedrock’s prime access and pricing power.
  • Non-disclosure agreements with all reputable investment banks to ensure full confidentiality.

Our Investment Processes

Our robust and proven investment process is founded on three key drivers of performance. Firstly, we generate alpha returns above and beyond benchmark performance. Secondly, we ensure that risks are adequately managed and mitigated. Finally, we ensure that costs are minimised. These three principles allow Bedrock to create client wealth throughout all market conditions.