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6 November 2018
Co-director of Bedrock’s investment office, Marine D’Hartoy, discusses what is scaring her the most in the investment world on the eve of Hallowee... Read More
28 September 2018
Hallam Dixon, research associate at Bedrock, discusses how alternative credit can weather the storm of volatility. Read More
19 January 2018
Technological advances, new regulations, a changing macroeconomic climate, and investors with differing expectations have created an unfamiliar and ra... Read More
1 October 2017
Financial services companies are turning their attention to female and younger clients, who increasingly control a greater share of global wealth. Man... Read More
14 June 2017
Bedrock, the global investment and advisory firm, today announces the opening of its new office in Zurich. With its new Zurich of... Read More
9 February 2017
Bedrock, one of Switzerland’s foremost Independent investment boutiques was last night crowned Best ‘External Asset Manager’ at... Read More