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April Real Estate News Round-Up 2024

In April’s news roundup, we look at some of the key movements and purchases including the return of US investment into the London real estate market to a ten-year high of £2 billion in Q1 2024. We also highlight some recent institutional office acquisitions in London. 

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Growth Through Impact: A Closer Look with Giant Ventures

In this article Neil Benjelloun, Bedrock’s Head of Private Markets, sheds some light on the growth of VC-funded purpose-driven businesses in solving the world’s most pressing challenges. Sharing key insights and takeaways from a live Q&A session he hosted with Cameron McLain, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Giant Ventures.

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Next generation: Are You Prepared to be a Board Member?

It is common to see members of the next generation in their 30s occupy a seat on the board of directors. This is desirable as it’s a very important interaction point with the business or the family’s assets, where they learn about strategy and create the family’s vision for the future. But as with most things, there is a good and a bad way to go about it. In this article, Maria Villax, Head of Family Strategy & Governance at Bedrock explores how next gens can prepare for a seat on the board.

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Q2 2024 Macro Outlook & Investment Strategy

We expect the US to lead growth in 2024, outpacing Europe, where recovery is likely to remain tepid. China continues to wrestle with a tricky economic restructuring but other emerging and Asian economies may present opportunities to play a rebound, especially as the US election approaches.

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