We work closely with you, your family members or investment team to understand your evolving situation and investment goals. Through a robust due diligence process, our team sources best-in-class investment opportunities across both public and private markets.

We devise and manage tailored investment strategies – with us as hands-on (or not) as you choose. For those with their own investment office or looking for more institutional level support, we offer direct access to our investment office as part of our outsourced CIO service.

Whichever path you take with us, you can rest assured that our partners and employees will be investing their personal wealth alongside you. You’ll also benefit from the preferential terms we’ve agreed with our network of more than 80 custodian partners.

Our investment reports consolidate all investments and assets you’d like to monitor, whether managed by us or not, with seamless 24/7 access through our client portal.

Services include:

  • Impact Investing:
    Providing access to managers generating measurable and meaningful impact alongside strong financial returns
  • Private Markets Program:
    Offering access to best-in-class managers and opportunities across multiple strategies.
  • Outsourced CIO:
    Empowering family offices with investment expertise, cost savings, flexibility, and risk management.
  • Consolidated Reporting:
    Showing a holistic view of your wealth through unified and accessible dynamic reports.
Private Tech<br>Investments

Private Tech

Technology continues to shape the world we live in. Since 2014, we’ve converted on opportunities in the private tech space through a partnership with Technology Opportunity Partners (TOP). TOP today manages well over $1B in pre-IPO, blue-chip tech companies, and best-in-class venture funds.

We take you behind the scenes to show you investment opportunities that other family offices and private banks can’t access. From direct investments and co-investments in era-defining companies, to a concentrated portfolio of the world’s premier VCs, we allow you to back the founders and companies defining the future.

Service includes:

  • TOP Direct:
    Investing in blue-chip, pre-IPO technology companies. Plus, where additional capacity is available, providing investors with deal-by-deal co-investment opportunities.
  • TOP VC:
    Leveraging an extensive network of key stakeholders to cement relationships and secure allocations to the most access-constrained VC’s investing in the US & Europe.
Real Estate<br>Investments

Real Estate

Where people live, work, create, and store assets continues to be redefined, opening new approaches to real estate investment. So we’re growing our footprint by partnering with our clients through our dedicated entrepreneurial team, Bedrock Real Estate (BRE).

BRE is focused on acquiring desirable assets in key locations supporting its core themes of living and working.

We draw on the knowledge of our in-house team and that of our partners to bring exclusive insight and access.

The team is opportunistically focused to invest in:

  • Core+ Offices:
    Generational opportunity to acquire prime city center offices with value-add potential at significant discounts
  • Multi-Family Rentals:
    Co-invest with experienced management teams operating opportunistically a private residential rental business
  • Big Box Logistics:
    Bottom-up strategy to acquire prime income producing logistics assets in core locations
Family Office<br>Services

Family Office

We understand that wealth management is about more than financial capital. It starts with understanding the purpose and values behind your wealth, to then build an integrated approach that meets your financial and purpose-driven goals.

Beyond investment management, we help our clients control their assets, develop effective governance structures, think strategically about their philanthropic aspirations and prepare for passing their wealth to the next generations. From accounting to art collection administration, we also offer a wide variety of administrative services to free up more of your time, safe in the knowledge that daily tasks are taken care of.

And we empower the next generation, supporting their development through custom programs and access to dedicated communities such as Horizons.

Service includes:

  • Succession Planning:
    Creating a roadmap for the next generation’s asset ownership and management, considering all family members’ needs and expectations
  • Family Governance
    Establishing tools and forums for effective family-asset interaction, fostering healthy communication and decision-making.
  • Strategic Philanthropy:
    Defining alignment between the family’s values and charitable giving, focusing on maximising impact and centralising resources
  • Next Generation Development:
    Creating a customizable plan to help the next generation discover their purpose, grasp the family’s wealth, and define their role as responsible owners.
  • Fiduciary Services:
    Simplifying personal and corporate asset management by handling accounting, legal, and trust matters, relieving your worries.
  • Employment Management Services:
    Managing household and auxiliary staff, including hiring, permits, payroll, and schedules for a smoothly run family life. ​
  • Lifestyle Management:
    Taking care of your daily personal and lifestyle needs to ensure you have everything you need, when and where you need it.​
  • Non-Financial Asset Services:
    Sourcing, managing, and safeguarding non-financial assets, like art collections or property maintenance, for your enjoyment. ​