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3 July 2012
Chaired by Henrique de Campos Meirelles, former President of the Central Bank of Brazil, the Advisory Board has been formed so that specialist experti... Read More
22 June 2012
David Joory shares his views with WealthBriefing on how wealth managers are approaching the currency markets, with forex being a source of risk these ... Read More
7 June 2012
In Citywire Wealth Manager's 'My Asset Allocation' column, Ariel Arazi, managing partner of Bedrock Asset Management, explains why currency calls will... Read More
9 May 2012
David Joory, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Bedrock, provides comment to WealthBriefing regarding the French and Greek elections and how this will... Read More
3 April 2012
Maurice Ephrati, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Bedrock, speaks to L'Agefi on the law changes in Switzerland and how this will help London remains... Read More
28 March 2012
Maurice Ephrati, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Bedrock, speaks to Investment Europe about the proposed Swiss law and how this could help further ... Read More