The rise of GP Stakes: A Closer Look with RidgeLake Partners

The Rise of GP Stakes Investing: A Closer Look with RidgeLake Partners

In this article Neil Benjelloun, Bedrock’s Head of Private Markets, sheds some light on the intriguing and relatively unexplored area of GP Stakes Investing. Sharing key insights and takeaways from a live Q&A session he hosted with Michael Lunt from OA Private Capital and co-lead of RidgeLake Partners.

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Family Business: Sustaining Success

As families expand, diverse perspectives, voices, and expectations emerge. Each generation brings unique dynamics and values, shaping the family business’s future. We offer three key considerations for grooming future leaders within the family business context.

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5 Steps to Succession

What should wealthy families be thinking of to ensure their legacy is successfully passed on from generation to generation?

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